Senso Glucose Monitoring

Award: "Best Senior Project" out of University of Hartford's 2020 Visual Communication Design graduating class
Project Overview
Senso is a conceptualized continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that would improve user experience with diabetic technology. The research for this project involved understanding diabetes as a disease, researching current available CGMs and CGMs in development, and interviewing four individuals with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. I decided the CGM device itself should be a band worn around the wrist. While the technology to monitor blood sugar continuously through skin contact alone is not available currently, my research found that it is in development and that devices like this could be the future of diabetes management.
My Role
I designed this app as my senior capstone project for my BFA of Visual Communication Design.
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Ideation and User Research
  • Low Fidelity Designs and Wireframing
  • Design System and Branding
  • Prototyping

The Challenge:
How to improve diabetics' experiences with glucose monitoring

In my interviews with four diabetics who use continuous monitoring devices, I found a clear need for improvements in the experience.

User Interviews & Personas

I interviewed four diabetics to create personas for this project. In doing so, I discovered 3 key pain points on existing devices:
  1. Current devices and adhesives are uncomfortable.
  2. Glucose monitoring apps are not motivating enough.
  3. The device and app looks too medical.

Design System and Brand


User Flow


The Senso Band

The Senso Band is designed to be slim and discreet to help users feel more comfortable managing their diabetes without stigma. A quote that helped shaped this design from my user interviews is "I want it to look like something I want to wear, not that I have to wear".


This project was completely immersive, and I spent most of the time learning. I learned so much from the diabetics I met, and even met with a biomedical professor on campus to talk about CGMs. As someone without diabetes, it was incredibly important that I understood the pain points of CGMs in detail before I could solve for improving the experience. As this was one of my first big UX projects, there are areas I would have done differently in hindsight. If I were to do the project over, I would better document my interviews and feedback. And I would take accessibility guidelines into consideration when designing.